Backup Solutions

A backup solutions is a key part of a companies disaster recovery plan and involves backup software, backup hardware and scheduled backups.   Backup software is installed on each computer that has data that needs to be backed up, how often you backup is decided around how much data the company is willing to lose in the event of a disaster or hardware failure.  The backup solution should also include an offsite copy either using tape, external disk or a cloud service.

Components of a backup solution:

  • Server hardware – both Physical and Virtual
  • Optional Shared Storage
  • Backup destination NAS with an appropriate amount of disk space (at least 3 times the amount of data you want to backup)
  • Image based backup software like Shadowprotect.
  • Archive/Offsite Tape or USB Drives or optional offsite backup destination
  • Mail Archive Solution for Email
  • Monitoring and Testing

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