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Providing Managed Services to Australia for over 20 years, we are the best in the industry.

Managed Services & Outsourcing

What happens when your email server goes down or your scheduled backups fail for some reason? Do your employees have to sit and wait for hours for an IT person to fix things?

If you take a purely reactive approach to IT, you run the risk of losing secure data and/or hours of productivity when something goes wrong.

Our certified Engineers and IT consultants in Melbourne can prevent and fix a wide variety of hardware and software issues. You’ll also get professional advice on the right equipment and IT systems for your business which will help boost productivity.

Whether your IT department is under-resourced or your current IT support provider is letting you down, it’s time to stop losing time and money in your business.

More about Managed Services

For over 20 years, alltasksIT has been working with companies like yours to improve the quality, security, safety and efficiency of your company's IT processes. Our aim is to draw on our extensive knowledge and experience to improve your company's IT whilst reducing long term costs associated with loss of data, inefficient software and hardware as well as ongoing staffing costs.

Managed Services Case Study – Mushroom Group

The Mushroom Group management team was growing increasingly frustrated and unhappy with the operational standards of its internal IT Department. Unexplained downtime meant IT services could be unavailable for hours, if not days, at a time. This inevitably lead to unproductive employees and more importantly; inefficiencies within the organisation.

What is Included in a Managed Service?

Managed Service provides you and your businesses with peace of mind, knowing that your IT Department or IT Solution is running efficiently, securely and effectively.

Why Managed Services

IT support was traditionally supplied on a time and materials basis , the issue was that your service provider had no incentive to spend their own time to minimise issues at your site which would reduce his income and customers didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars for maintenance with no guarantees that ongoing issues and support costs will be reduced.

What makes alltasksIT different

alltasksIT has invested heavily in setting up our extensive IT monitoring and maintenance services, we believe this sets us apart from other IT companies.

Our Managed Services Plans.

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