Creating A Modern Workplace

The essence of creating a modern workplace is to allow your employees the ability to work from anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

Here at alltasksIT we have a great flexible working practice which allows us to work just as efficiently out on the road as it is in our head office and we have seen a this trend continue with our customers in recent years. The demand to create a flexible working practice is higher than ever as businesses are finding they need to accommodate this new mobile work style to stay competitive and attract top talent.


“In our employee engagement survey it
always comes up as one of our top
areas of appreciation”
Ingrid Jenkins – Microsoft Australia HR Manager


Hear more from Ingrid Jenkins the HR Director at Microsoft on how they created flexible work practices in their Australian divisions.



Enabling the modern workplace with Office

To discover how we deploy, support, manage and use our Office platform to help empower our employees and create a modern workplace get in contact with your alltasksIT representative or contact us on the form below.


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