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Cloud Backup

By now, we all understand the importance to businesses and organisations of backing up data.

The modern business world is reliant on data, whether it relates to your customers, your employees, your tax records or anything else. These days, (sensible) companies have backup plans in place. However, have you actually given consideration to the way in which that data is being backed up?

Why consider Cloud Backup?

If you’re backing up using methods such as CDs or tapes, then these have to be labelled and stored, a time and space consuming method that is also open to human error. If you’re backing up to a local server located within your premises, then you give yourself the problem of the data being backed up in the same location in which it was originally created.

How much protection would that really offer if something were to happen to those premises?

What does backing up to the Cloud involve?

Backing up to the Cloud means that your data is being automatically stored by a remote online server. This guards against the dangers posed by having your data stored locally in the event of any damage to the location. The automatic nature of the backing up also removes the element of potential human error from the process. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that your data backup is an assured and ongoing process.

The ability to automatically expand the storage offered to meet the needs of your company or organisation is another huge plus. Other methods of storage pose the danger of eventually reaching their capacity and leaving you with a serious headache over your backup needs.

How can alltasksIT help with Cloud Backup?

We can ensure the secure backing up and storage of your company or organisation’s critical data. You can have the comfort of knowing that your data backup is being efficiently and effectively managed and that your data is being safely held in a remote server. We can offer this service for a fixed monthly fee.

To find out more about how we can assist your company or organisation by securely backing up and storing your critical business data offsite and in the Cloud, please contact us. We are an established Melbourne business with many years of experience.

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