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It is one thing to invest in your business technology and infrastructure – or even in the Cloud – but have you considered how your business would cope if all of a sudden disaster struck?

Disaster recovery planning and testing is an essential part of any business, yet is often overlooked.

Although it may seem overwhelming and complex, disaster recovery can be a simple and easily executable process. alltasksIT can help you design and implement a disaster recovery plan for your business – whether or not you have a disaster recovery site, on premise, or in the Cloud.

Let us help you simplify and maximize your investment in disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery solutions that put you at ease.

AlltasksIT are experts in the provision of carefully considered, stable and effective Disaster Recovery solutions that help you get back on line quickly and easily in the event of a disaster. Here is how we can help you.

Disaster recovery planning and solutions

That’s the question we always ask ourselves, but with the help of alltasksIT it’s one that doesn’t need to be daunting for your company or organisation. Disaster recovery can be a simple and easily put-in-place process, assuming that you have the right advice, assistance and expertise available to you. This is where alltasksIT can help your company or organisation.

Backup Solutions

A backup solutions is a key part of a company’s disaster recovery plan and involves backup software, backup hardware and scheduled backups. AlltasksIT are here to ensure your data is safe in the event of a failure.

Email Archiving

The reliance of an organisation on email can sometimes be underestimated. Microsoft Exchange is a standard tool in the majority of workplaces, but the maintenance, protection and archiving of emails can be a daunting task if left to get out of hand. alltasksIT can provide solutions for archiving your Cloud or on premise Exchange.

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