Time saving tips for MS Office 2010 and Windows 7

Include your most used functions as a button on your office Ribbon or Toolbar 

  • See below an example of how I have included   “Email as PDF Attachment” in the Office ribbon
  • I have also included an “attach and email” button on my Toolbar
  • This video shows how to add a function to the toolbar  –    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avmTdFtll48


Keyboard shortcut for Resizing Windows – FOR Running Application Windows Side by Side or on multiple monitors

  • If you constantly re-position application windows around your one or multiple monitors by dragging and resizing try    “Windows Start Key” then  “Left” and “Right” Arrow and double click “Right Arrow”    – Then try Windows Start key and Up Arrow
  • This allows you to quickly position  one application on the second Monitor or second half of your one monitor  – great time saver

Outlook Preview Windows

I assume by now most users are using the Email Preview Window in Outlook to quickly scan and read emails?

  •  Also a good idea is to include your calendar and ToDo List in the preview pane.

Clear your inbox

  • Nothing wastes more time than constantly reading the same email time and time again – try to read it once  and action it or file it to be actioned another day  – either  convert the email to a task or calendar item and set a reminder or start date.

Use Junk Email for newsletters

  • We are receiving so many newsletters via emails these days and some companies are bombarding us with all sorts of offers and information
  • Consider using Junk Mail to automatically store these emails in the junk mail folder and set a time to read them once a week or month etc.
  • Right click and email and select add sender to Junk – note all emails from sender will now go direct to this folder
  • You could also use outlook rules to only send some emails from a sender

Create Outlook Rules if you are constantly forwarding weekly emails to other users

Outlook Show as Conversation  – try this view if you like the way you iphone presents related emails

  • View menu – select Show As Conversations  –  and just select this folder


Use Outlook Signatures for common text you include in your emails 

  1.   (eg. Thanks for your email I will get back to you soon)


MS WORD -Insert – Screen Shot

  • You will love this function if you constantly insert screen shots into documents

Consider using Outlook Quick Steps to automate a series of tasks like moving email to a sub-folder – forwarding emails

How to video:




  • Look at themes in Word – Page Layout – to help with formatting documents
  • Create and use Templates

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