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What is hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange, or hosted email, is an email hosting service that is provided to a business or organisation by an IT company. The service provider (the ‘host’) stores, maintains and manages their client’s email portal on a server in their secure datacentre. Clients have access via the server to –

  • Emails
  • Address book
  • Calendar
  • Files
  • Email tasks
  • Notes via computers and mobile devices

The most commonly used business messaging platform is Microsoft Exchange Server, most often accessed via Microsoft Outlook.

Outsourcing of the Exchange makes sense for small to medium sized businesses, due to the costs a locally-sourced Exchange can accrue in both time and money. Why employ an in-house IT team to run it if you don’t have to?

Hosted Exchange Plans

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What benefits does hosted Exchange bring?


For a monthly or annual fee, we will maintain, update and monitor your email portal.


If your local server runs out of storage space, you’ll have to upgrade. With our ‘pay-as-you-go’ model though, you’ll only pay for the server space you need.

Email disaster recovery

Our backup planning ensures recovery of your emails in the event of disaster striking.

Latest Exchange version

We’ll always use the latest Microsoft Exchange version, saving you the money and hassle of having to buy updated versions for a local server.

High availability.

Email downtime is minimised by highly secure, geographically dispersed data centres.


Your data is held in a secure environment and our advanced anti-spam solutions ensure you receive less junk mail


Your own IT department will be able to focus on your core business needs now that your exchange is being overseen by our experienced and professional team.


What is application hosting?

A hosted application is also sometimes known as an Internet-based application, which gives a clue as to how the system works. Effectively, rather than your company’s applications being hosted on your local server or on an individual computer, they’re hosted remotely and are accessible via the internet.



How can application hosting benefit your organisation?

Many of the benefits of application hosting are the same as with exchange hosting.

  • Minimised risk and costs. Pay-as-you-go models enable you to test applications without having to commit to buying them as you would otherwise. PAYG can also allow you to avoid the costs associated with having to license applications by ‘per site’, ‘per server’, ‘per concurrent user’ and so on.
  • Integration. Organisations using more than one operating system will find that hosted applications offer integrated solutions.
  • Support. As well as not having to maintain multiple licenses, you also benefit from not having to manage multiple maintenance agreements either. Central installation of new updates ensures everyone in your organisation will be able to access the most recent application version.



Which hosted applications can we assist you with?

Please speak to us about:

  • Microsoft Lync. The instant messaging application that replaced Windows Live Messenger.
  • Microsoft SharePoint. The most commonly used internal communication tool when it comes to setting up company intranets.


What happens next?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Exchange and/or application hosting then please contact us now. Our friendly and capable team will be happy to answer any of your queries and guide you through how we can help you to ensure the best results for your business or organisation.


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