5 Amazingly Handy Pro Tips for Outlook Users

Outlook plays a large part in the day to day running of most businesses. Outlook has a huge array of tools over and above just sending and receiving emails, that can help improve a businesses efficiency and effectiveness. Surprisingly, there are a number of features within Outlook that most people don’t know, some of these features can save hours of time, or make seemingly impossible tasks possible. Here at alltasksIT, we have put together 5 fantastic tips to help you improve your Outlook experience.

Pro Tip number 1 – Get to your inbox fast

Just started up your computer and want to see your inbox right away? Try this.

Pro Tip Number 2 – Stop hunting for attachments

Recently worked on something? Don’t search for it — it’s likely already on the Attach File menu.

Pro Tip Number 3 – Use the Bcc field?

Sending out an email to a bunch of people? Turn on the Bcc field so they can’t see the recipients. Nor can they reply to all of the them. Here’s how to bring up the Bcc field.

DON’T FORGET – Bcc is sticky! What does that mean? It means that after you show it the first time, it will always show up from that moment on. If you turn it off — that’s sticky, too! It will stay off in that case.

Pro Tip Number 4 – Get rid of outdated Auto-Complete addresses

Auto-Complete addresses are handy — except when they’re not. Here’s how to delete them.

Pro Tip Number 5 – Use Lightning-fast shortcuts for search

Need to find someone’s message really fast? Try these quick shortcuts.

We hope these help you in improving your Office 365 Outlook experience. If you have any further queries about how best to implement the array of features and options in Outlook of the broader Office 365 Product suite, be sure to send us a message in the section below, otherwise, call alltasksIT on 03 9312 7444.

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