How to build a secure Wi-Fi network for your business

Utilising a Wi-Fi network for business affords significant improvements in workplace flexibility. It’s simpler to set up and access than a wired network, and it enables faster adding of new users. Wireless LANs also give employees more flexibility to stay online while moving throughout the office, and also allows guest users can connect to the Internet with just a password.

However with these mobility improvements come potential security risks. Contained below tips to build a secure Wi-Fi network for your business.

Encryption: Encryption uses algorithms to prevent unauthorized access to the network. It is recommended that Wi-Fi Protected Access encryption is implemented as opposed to using the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption algorithm, which is outdated and easier for hackers to bypass.

Utilise either a pre-shared encryption key or enterprise authentication technology: A pre-shared key has a single password that all users must enter to access the network. This approach is generally used for home users and is not recommended for businesses, as it is too difficult to monitor who has access to the password.

A better alternative, enterprise encryption, utilises different passwords and usernames for individual users. It makes monitoring passwords much easier, particularly in the case of employee termination.

Install an automated wireless intrusion prevention system: These devices monitor a network and alerts IT staff to the unauthorised wireless networks potentially placed by staff. Unauthorised wireless points are points installed by employees that are not monitored and provide potential security risks.

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