What is a Dell SonicWALL?

A firewall is an essential barrier for your company’s computer network. It enables safe access to the internet in addition to protection from hackers, viruses and malware. alltasksIT recommends the Dell’s Next Generation Firewall, the SonicWALL to protect your businesses IT systems. Dell SonicWALL Protects against viruses, spam, spyware and intrusions.

Comparison figures compared to other next generation Firewalls include:

80% lower power consumption than Juniper SRX1400

66% better DPI price to performance ration that the Palo Alton PA-2020

3X higher IPS throughput than Check Point 4600

42% higher GAV throughput then Fortinet Fortigate 600C

4X better scalability (connections per second) than Palo Alto

*Comparison figures specific to Dell SonicWALL NSA 5600

SonicWall allows you to consolidate your firewall, IPS, gateway anti-malware, web filtering into one consolidated system. This allows you to eliminate unnecessary equipment and save money. In addition the SonicWall provides broad mobile support for mobile operating systems including Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Mobile.

Comprehensive security is enabled with application intelligence and control, plus real-time visualization capabilities. Emails are scanned with deep packet inspection technology. The Dell SonicWALL is scalable to meet your business needs. Leading industry publications including Network World, Infoworld, PC Magazine and SC Magazine have all praised it for; easy to use, high quality and high performance appliance and service.

Key business benefits include:

  • Control, manage and block applications and bandwidth
  • Receive and share threat and defence data in real time
  • Secure and control any user, any device, from anywhere
  • Access any Carrier, SaaS, or Cloud without security impact
  • Always see and know malicious activities on your network
  • Efficiently manage data backups and easily recover from any disaster
  • Easily comply with key regulatory compliance regulations


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