Electronic Hygiene in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has heightened our awareness of the need to decontaminate our work environments to the highest level.  With most organisations reopening offices and bringing employees back into the workplace in 2021, new policies and practices are critical to ensure the safety and health of your workers.

There has been much information around preparing your office space for this return, so we all know and understand the need to:

  • wash and sanitise our hands frequently
  • wipe down desks, door handles and other hard surfaces with disinfectant
  • space out seating and desks
  • limit the number of people in transit areas such as lifts, hallways, kitchens and reception to observe social distancing
  • and of course, stay home if we are sick

But how do we best sanitise our electronic equipment that often have areas that cannot be easily (or adequately) reached with a surface wipe. And given your investment in electronic devices and other mass use hardware that individuals or multiple people may access over a day, there is a need to safely disinfect these devices for your workers’ continued safety.

Introducing OmniClean by Cleanbox – a state of the art, eco-friendly hygiene solution utilizing UVC light in an LED, specifically engineered to safely decontaminate your electronic devices and other tools.

  • Decontaminate in 60 seconds
  • Proven to Kill 99.999% of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including COVID-19, H1N1 influenza, MRSA

The OmniClean has a unique design providing 360 degree log 5+ decontamination of any item that fits inside its 25cm x 25cm rotating circular drum.  It has over 30 LED lights and it’s UVC directional lighting gets into areas unreachable by wipes, including areas of devices that sit closest to the eyes, nose and mouth, which are major contagion points.

In 60 sec cycles, you can be confident that you have decontaminated your safety glasses, other eyewear, phones, masks, mice, earbuds, tablets, AV, VR, MR and other communication headsets, mics, battery packs, walkies, remotes and even your keys! Actually, anything that fits into the OmniClean.

The OmniClean also offers hygiene tracking of any object cleaned, via a web-based data dashboard.

In addition to OmniClean, Cleanbox has a variety of models to suit your needs in further safeguarding your employees, your electronics and your workplace.

Contact us at alltasks for further information and pricing of the OmniClean and other Cleanbox* products .

*Cleanbox products are built with ISO 9001 certified materials assembled in an FDA-certified facility, and meet all CE and FCC regulations.


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