Evoko Liso your complete room management solution

With Evoko Liso you can finally eliminate meeting room confusiondouble bookings, and unnecessary interruptions to your meetings.  

Gone are the days of people tapping on your door and entering meetings, asking if or when your conference room will become available—each interruption taking more than just the precious time of everyone in the room. 

We’ve been using Evoko Liso to manage our conference rooms and really like how it has taken all the hassles out of room bookings. We have been impressed by: 

  • the touch-screen interface, mounted outside our meeting roomsalways displaying the most relevant information on room availability 
    • Green means the room is available  
    • Red means the room is currently in use


  • intuitive features are as easy as tapping the touch screen directly with your fingertip and entering the start and end times of the meeting—a great feature for impromptuquick meetings 
  • the ability to extend or end a meeting early, directly from the touch screen 
  • integration with our calendar to set filters and search for rooms based on availability, size and available equipmentwe use Outlook, but you can use any other digital calendar of your choice
  • reporting broken or damaged equipment has become even easier—with a few taps on the screen, you can instantly report any non-functioning equipment in the room, such as a blown projector globe or problems experienced with video conferencing 
  • enabling the ‘Check In’ function is a great way to ensure best use of resources—meeting rooms can be released to those who actually need them by removing cancelled bookings when no one shows up. 


“The Evoko Liso board is a great tool to easily identify if a room has been booked and by whom. It’s so helpful on a day to day basis with so many people in and out of the office and it allows me to be prepared for the upcoming day, having the clock face indicate the times the room is booked.” 

Michelle Grant 

alltasksIT Receptionist &Office Admin 

Also, it’s so easy to find the best room for specific meetingsEvoko LIso can help you see which rooms have been set up with – 

  • video conferencing 
  • electronic whiteboards and printers 
  • projectors, etc 


As an added benefit, Evoko Liso smoothly integrates with other 3rd party control systems.  

For example, you can  

  • make the AC turn on 10 minutes before a meeting is scheduled to start 
  • establish PIN verification protocols for identification purposes (or to restrict access to certain rooms or groups) 
  • set up RFID—Radio Frequency Identification—to identify and track expensive or protected assets. 


Evoko Liso is the complete room management solution,  

ensuring all your meeting rooms are being used effectively. 


With Evoko Liso you will gain a comprehensive insight into your organisation’s meeting room patterns that will help you analyse usage statisticsoptimisresources and cut unnecessary costs.  


If you would like a demonstration or have any questions, please contact our friendly service staff for more information.     [email protected] or call 03 9312 7444

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