How exchange email differs from POP?

Exchange and Post office Protocol (POP) are two different email storage systems. While POP was extensively utilised in the 1980’s, the vast majority of businesses today utilise Exchange to store and access emails. Microsoft Exchange comes in various models to suit small business, all the way up to the largest of enterprises.

POP enables simple email downloading and deletion of emails. Although many POP clients have the ability to store mail on a server following download, e-mail clients using POP usually connect to a server. After emails are downloaded they are deleted from the server. If a PC is lost or stolen, there is a risk that emails may be lost.

Exchange, on the other hand is an email server located either on a business premise, or hosted offsite within a cloud server. The Exchange server stores a company’s email, files, task lists, calendar, and contact information. Exchange is used by the vast majority of businesses due to its functionality, and reliability.

Exchange contains feature missing from POP email such as shared calendars, remote wipe features, and improved email access from remote devices. Each addition each new version of Exchange introduces new feature which improve business efficiency.

Benefits of Microsoft Exchange include:

Simplicity: For low a monthly or annual fee, your email system can be maintained, monitored and updated. Utilising Hosted Exchange eliminates the requirement to purchase expensive hardware, and reduces business requirements for troubleshooting, and updates.

Disaster recovery: In the event of a business disaster such as: fire, theft or computer failure, Exchange enables easy recovery of emails from an onsite or cloud server. Hosted Exchange is recommended for organisations without on-site technical employees.

Scalability: When utilising Hosted Exchange individual users can easily be added as required, in addition storage can be increased as required.

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