Health and Safety tips when using a computer


Spending long hours in front of a computer is becoming a necessary part of both work and personal life. Long term inadequate health and safety practices when using a computer can cause health side effects such as: Postural problems, carpel tunnel syndrome, sore eyes, back and joint pain.

It is important for companies and individuals to educate employees on steps to reduce these health risks.

Contained below are some important health and safety tips to reduce the risk of injury when using a computer.

• Utilise adjustable chairs to ensure a comfortable sitting position for each person in the office.
• Have the computer screen at eye level to limit the necessity for neck movement
• Adjust chair height so that legs are bent in a 90 degree angle with feet flat on the floor
• Ensure adequate lighting to reduce screen glare.
• Learn to touch type to reduce the need to move the head and neck up and down when typing.
• Disinfect Keyboards to reduce the spread of disease.
• Take regular breaks to reduce the risk of fatigue
• Sit up straight rather than slouching during computer use.



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