Top tips to help you stay safe and ensure you don’t fall victim to fraud this Christmas


December is a time for more online spending and with that comes the heightened possibility of Scams. We’d like to bring your attention to these tips to help you stay safe in the seasonal period. 

Highlight correct procedures:
Ensure everyone knows and follows the correct procedures while key members of staff are on leave. The remaining colleagues must be alerted to the heightened possibility of scams and the importance that they follow all internal payment control processes such as, two to authorise 

Check Invoices
Staff must ensure the correct due diligence is completed prior to paying away. Verify the vendor’s credentials if there is any doubt and always verbally confirm any changes by calling a known contact. 

Protect your personal Information
Stay alert to the kind and types of information that is being collected to complete a transaction. Ask yourself why it is necessary for the vendor to be collecting this information. 

Don’t overshare on social networking sites
By publicising your whereabouts or that you are out of the officeyou could inadvertently be giving fraudsters the detail they need to deceive a member of staff.  

Clear instructions to report fraud
Staff will need the details of who to contact if they need to report any issues, or suspect fraud has taken place. 

Need help? 
Follow these steps to protect yourself from further harm. 

Want to know more about how to avoid fraud and scams?  

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