Three Reasons You Need VMware Virtual SAN

VMware Virtual SAN™ is a dramatic new entrant into the storage market. This “software-defined storage” product stands apart for a variety of reasons, including simplicity, deep integration with the VMware stack, and deployment flexibility. Virtual SAN brings the same level of efficiency and savings to storage that VMware vSphere brought to compute. Introduced in March[…]

What is server Virtualisation and how does it save me money?

  Server virtualisation is the latest trend in computing. Essentially it involves creating a multiple virtual versions of a physical server, contained within one physical guest server. The virtual machine acts like a real computer, and is controlled with an operating system. The host sever allocates resources the virtual servers as required by the computer[…]

Public vs Private Cloud

The adoption rate for companies utilising Cloud Computing for their IT infrastructure has increased significantly in the past few years. When considering cloud computing it is important however to consider whether your business would be best suited by a public or private cloud model. Both models have their own strengths and weaknesses. Private cloud Private[…]

The Three Cloud Computing Service delivery models

Cloud computing is a computing model which enables businesses outsource to the management of data and applications to a service provider. The service provider hosts servers in a purpose built datacentre. The client can access computing resources as required, on demand, over a network connection. The result is an increase in scalability and a reduced[…]

How Virtualisation Can Save Money

  Following on from our beginner’s guide to virtualisation, we thought it would be a good idea to explore a bit further exactly how implementing virtualisation can save your business money.   The extra initial up-front capital investment in software has traditionally made virtualisation the preserve of bigger business, but the falling costs of hardware[…]