How Cloud backup improves business efficiency?

Cloud backup can have many business benefits to your organisation including, faster recovery windows, and lower hardware and power costs. However, one factor which is often forgotten is the significant improvement in efficiency which cloud computing can bring to an organisation.

Cloud backup is a method of data backup which involves sending business information over a network connection to a remote offsite server managed by a service provider.  The process is handled by software which transfers data between the business, and cloud providers data centre.

Cloud backup enables the entire backup process to be automated. This increases business efficiency by eliminating the requirement for manual backup processes traditionally undertaken within a tape backup process of tape based backup process. This allows employees to utilise their time in other areas of the business. Cloud backup enables incremental data transfer over a network connection. This process is generally outsourced to an experienced IT Services provider who manages the process from start to finish.

In addition cloud backup reduces the risk of business downtime. The recovery window for cloud based backup, is generally significantly faster and less complicated than tape or hard-drive based backup. Data recovery from tape is a complicated process, requiring maintenance of catalogues, transportation of storage media and backup software complications. On the other hand in the event of a disaster a cloud provider will restore data from a network connection.

In the event of a disaster, recovery time can have a significant effect on workplace efficiency. If employees are unable to access business data, and applications, staff are unable to complete even basic work tasks. Cloud backup is an important, an often overlooked aspect of business operational efficiency.

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