Why do I need Desktop support?

The vast majority of employees utilise a desktop for the vast majority of business tasks. It is therefore necessary to utilise the services of a desktop support technician to maximise desktop speed, reduce downtime, and reduce the risk of data theft. Desktop support is available in three different delivery models:

Remote: Managed through remote computers with access to your businesses computer network. This method is of significant benefit for rural offices with limited onsite staff.

Onsite: Technicians come to your business and provide support

Hybrid: A combination of remote and onsite support.

A desktop support specialist is a trained expert who provides IT support for your businesses operating systems, updates, troubleshooting and maintenance of desktop computers. A desktop support specialist is able to both solve problems, in addition to teaching, and communicating important processes, such as undertaking updates, avoiding the download of malicious files.

Often businesses become complacent and forget about the importance of desktop support until it is too late. In a busy working environment with deadlines and demanding customers, failure to utilise  desktop support services can lead to an inability to meet KPI’s and a loss of business reputation. In the event of desktop failure every hour of inactivity has a significant economic cost to a business well in excess of the cost of desktop support. Desktop support enables a company to focus on business operation as opposed to technical IT tasks.

Desktop Support from IT services provider such as alltasksIT, is able to improve the efficiency of your business. Through preventative maintenance potential problems are identified and eliminated before they become a problem, this reduces downtime and cost. In addition desktop support services reduce the frustration and enables your organisation to allocate more time to meeting business objectives.

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