Top #5 Events affecting IT Operations and Customer service.

Event How to Limit Exposure
1.         Power Failure:

Is one of the more common events that affects everything in IT.

Your UPS might only last 10 minutes, your servers or PCs don’t have a UPS.  Interstate branches can’t connect to servers

1)       Installing a power generator

2)       Upgrading your UPS with Longer battery life

3)       Consider moving critical server infrastructure to a Secure data-centre with 100% uptime

4)       Consider Cloud Infrastructure


2.         Cyber Crime:

Ransomware – your data gets encrypted and the hackers command a ransom to get your data back.

Data gets leaked- customer information gets released from your network

1)       User education on dangers of emails and attachments.

2)       Regular Backups

3)       Cyber Insurance

4)       Secure firewalls with latest updates.

5)       Up to date anti-virus

6)       Install Security patches

7)       Review how you are currently storing sensitive customer information.


3.         Network Failure:

Internet, WAN Link, Firewall and or modem failure.

Once any of these stop working, so does your business.

Customer orders don’t arrive, staff unproductive, supplier communication is broken etc.


1)       Introduce a failover wireless link.

2)       Introduce a high availability firewall.

3)       If you have multiple branches, consider moving server equipment to a Secure Data-Centre.

4.         Application database corruption:

Sometimes databases get corrupt – thus you then get locked out of your application (Accounts, ERP, Asset register, even HR)



1)       Up-to-date Backups and disaster recovery tests.

2)       Disaster recovery plan  – how will you operate while this event occurs

3)       Replicated databases onsite or offsite.

5.         Email Server Failure/Corrupt Database:

Emails seemed to be more important than the phone system these days.  The Email server and or Exchange database can become corrupt.


1)       Introduce a secondary failover mail server and or utilise a cloud emergency inbox service.

2)       Consider Hosted Email or Cloud subscription email


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