Survive Apple’s iOS 8 release

The release of Apple’s iOS 7 left many companies unprepared. A sudden spike in downloads within many organisations caused bandwidth capacity issues, preventing employees from completing work on time. At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), on June 2nd Apple announced the impending release of iOS 8. Apple’s iOS 8, expected to be released in September[…]

Tape vs. Online Backup

  Tape vs. Online Backup Recent advancements in network speeds within Australia, have seen a large increase in the number of organisations moving from tape to online backup. Improved broadband capabilities have reduced the previously lengthy backup window associated with online backup. Where historically backup windows for tape based backup were shorter than online, the[…]

What is WAN Optimisation?

WAN optimisation is the process of utilising applications and products designed to improve the speed and efficiency of data transfer across a wide-area network (WAN). A key objective is to ensure bandwidth is prioritized for mission critical applications rather than less important processes. The result is improved file transfer speeds and more responsive applications. Devices[…]

Did you know, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 has a remote device wipe feature?

An organisation’s corporate data is a valuable commodity. The growing trend of workplace flexibility has seen a significant increase in the need for exchange connected mobile phones. However mobile devices create unique security risks which need to be carefully considered. A lost or stolen mobile device compromises information contained within company emails. Many organisations rely[…]

One Million Dollar Fines – Can your organisation afford to gamble?

A recent article titled “Workplace gamble at odds with Safety (Herald Sun 27/05/2014)” caught our eye. The article raises the level of social responsibility that comes with organisations supplying computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to staff. More specifically the article mentions the issue of company risk caused by employees gambling on company provided devices.[…]

Why Data Security Software is Not Enough?

As our businesses become more data driven, and our assets information based, cyber security becomes more important by the day. Investing in robust security solutions is important, but that’s not the end of the story. Comprehensive protection comes from taking an active role in your company’s security. The size of the problem In a recent[…]