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What is email archiving and how can it benefit my business?

Email is the most utilised communication tool within the vast majority of businesses. It is, therefore, necessary to implement effective email practices. Archiving is an important step in creating a more efficient and organised company. Email archiving is the process of utilising hardware and software that is designed to sort, index, and store the contents […]

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How exchange email differs from POP?

Exchange and Post office Protocol (POP) are two different email storage systems. While POP was extensively utilised in the 1980’s, the vast majority of businesses today utilise Exchange to store and access emails. Microsoft Exchange comes in various models to suit small business, all the way up to the largest of enterprises. POP enables simple […]

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How to build a secure Wi-Fi network for your business

Utilising a Wi-Fi network for business affords significant improvements in workplace flexibility. It’s simpler to set up and access than a wired network, and it enables faster adding of new users. Wireless LANs also give employees more flexibility to stay online while moving throughout the office, and also allows guest users can connect to the […]


Why should a company implement an email archiving solution?

Email archiving is the process of utilising hardware and software that is designed to sort and index the contents of an organisation’s electronic mail. When an employee deletes an email, it is moved into a designated storage area with read only capabilities. There are four main reasons to implement an email archiving solution: 1. Compliance: […]

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Did you know, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 has a remote device wipe feature?

An organisation’s corporate data is a valuable commodity. The growing trend of workplace flexibility has seen a significant increase in the need for exchange connected mobile phones. However mobile devices create unique security risks which need to be carefully considered. A lost or stolen mobile device compromises information contained within company emails. Many organisations rely […]


Are Too Many Emails Slowing Down Your Business?

It is estimated that roughly 145 billion emails are sent worldwide per day. In the past, organisations often relied on employees to maintain their own individual email archives, which often resulted in a ‘mailbox full’ message when the employee ran out of storage – which was obviously not good for business productivity. The IT department […]