Evoko Liso your complete room management solution

With Evoko Liso you can finally eliminate meeting room confusion, double bookings, and unnecessary interruptions to your meetings.   Gone are the days of people tapping on your door and entering meetings, asking if or when your conference room will become available—each interruption taking more than just the precious time of everyone in the room.  We’ve been using Evoko Liso to manage our conference rooms and really like how it has taken all the hassles out of room bookings. We have been impressed by:  the touch-screen interface, mounted outside our meeting rooms, always displaying the most relevant information on room availability  Green means the[…]

Yammer Birthday Posts

Everyone likes to be appreciated and feel valued in the workplace.   Yammer helps connect teams by keeping everyone up to date by sharing videos, photos and other files.   At alltasksIT we’ve gone a step further and tailored Microsoft Flow to automatically post important events on Yammer   Our custom-built tool ensures that nobody[…]

What is Kaspersky antivirus?

Anti-virus software works to prevent the risk of infection to your businesses computer systems. Infections including Viruses, worms, ransomware, and Trojans, can have a large impact on a business in the form of business inefficiency, data theft, in addition to the cost of replacing infected IT infrastructure. All businesses should reduce the associated risks through[…]

What is Cryptolocker, and How Can I Reduce the Risk of Infection?

CryptoLocker was a Ransomware Trojan which infected computer’s, utilising a Windows Operating System. It was first discovered by Dell SecureWorks. The virus hid within email attachments, and spread throughout a user’s computer upon the attachment being opened. Subsequently, you would be informed that the only way to remove the virus, is with security key, which[…]

What is SharePoint, and how can it benefit my business?

SharePoint is a website application and platform created by Microsoft. The software enables intranet, content, and document management. Sharepoint is highly customisable and allows easy sharing of company information by employees. It allows system, process, and workflow automation capabilities to improve workplace efficiency. Sharepoint comes in 5 delivery models: SharePoint Online: Is a cloud-based model, for businesses of all sizes. Instead of installing[…]

The Three Cloud Computing Service delivery models

Cloud computing is a computing model which enables businesses outsource to the management of data and applications to a service provider. The service provider hosts servers in a purpose built datacentre. The client can access computing resources as required, on demand, over a network connection. The result is an increase in scalability and a reduced[…]

Iphone6: What to expect.

Apple will release two new versions of the iPhone; the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will be available on Friday the 19th of September. The iPhone 6 plus is a larger version of the iPhone 6. The 16GB iPhone 6 costs $869, the 64GB model is $999, while the 128GB is AU$1129 SIM Free.[…]