alltasksIT will be exhibiting at AusRail 2015

  24th – 26th November 2015 | Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Doing it smarter. People, Power, Performance AusRAIL is the event  for anyone operating in, or looking to do business within the Australian rail sector. Hosted in Melbourne, AusRAIL PLUS 2015 is shaping up to be the largest AusRAIL ever hosted. AusRAIL PLUS attracts[…]

Newsletter November 2015 – Security , Cloud and new Products

  The alltasksIT November newsletter features information about Cloud, key security notes and Kaspersky security. Also, check out the tech tips and new products section!From the Team @ alltasksIT…..Enjoy alltasksIT helping business internet users from cyber being hacked in 2015. Australian IT research in the last 12 months reveals 25% of Internet users had at least[…]

The Importance of Network Monitoring

Network monitoring involves monitoring a computer network using hardware or software to both maintain network speed and health. The monitoring system scans a computer network for potential problems, usage and performance. A network administrator, or IT service provider is then notified of aspects which require attention. Network monitoring is an important business strategy in ensuring[…]

How Voip can improve your business operations

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a phone system which utilises a broadband connection to enable calls as opposed to copper wire. The process involves digitisation of analog signals rather than the traditional public switched telephone network. Today VoIP services are utilised by both residential households and businesses. Due to the bandwidth efficiency, and lower[…]

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Firewall

  Did you know that if you connect an unprotected PC to the internet it will most likely be affected with malicious software such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware within only 60 minutes? Because of the interconnected nature of the web it is impossible to go online without being exposed to some kind[…]

5 Ways Big Data Makes Us Smarter

You might’ve heard people talk about it, seen people tweet about it or read articles about it. We’re talking about the buzzword (or fuzzword) that has been on everyone’s lips lately: ‘BIG data’. However, we dare to claim that most people don’t really know what big data means and how it can help us. To[…]