Using Office 365’s Sharepoint to manage your OH&S

Many companies are now taking advantage of the power of Office 365’s Sharepoint to help streamline their Occupational Health and Safety processes. The importance of Occupational Health and Safety has grown significantly in recent years, as has the complexity of OH&S processes. To address the new level of difficulty managing and adapting to these changes,[…]

The Three Cloud Computing Service delivery models

Cloud computing is a computing model which enables businesses outsource to the management of data and applications to a service provider. The service provider hosts servers in a purpose built datacentre. The client can access computing resources as required, on demand, over a network connection. The result is an increase in scalability and a reduced[…]

Tape vs. Online Backup

  Tape vs. Online Backup Recent advancements in network speeds within Australia, have seen a large increase in the number of organisations moving from tape to online backup. Improved broadband capabilities have reduced the previously lengthy backup window associated with online backup. Where historically backup windows for tape based backup were shorter than online, the[…]

7 Warning Signs That Your IT Support Sucks

  Customer:   I can’t get on the Internet.  Tech support:  Are you sure you used the right password? Customer:  Yes, I’m sure. I saw my colleague do it. Tech support:  Can you tell me what the password was? Customer:  Five stars.  Tech support:   What anti-virus program do you use? Customer:   Netscape.  Tech support:   That’s not an anti-virus program. Customer:  Oh, sorry…Internet[…]